Flamingo Chair - Model 3381 / Stainless steel Swivel / Leather Omni 307 Cognac


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Seat: Leather Group 1
Base: Stainless steel
Variant: Omni 307 Cognac

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Almost like a flamingo standing on its slender legs, the Flamingo Chair is at once aesthetic and poetic. The graceful curves of the seat with its symbolic “wings” for arms are poised above the steel frame and long, slim legs. Flamingo is a neo-classic from 2003, with an appeal that’s timeless and trend-less.Flamingo adds elegance to dining experiences and a sense of tranquillity to executive meeting rooms.

Dimensions  WxDxH: 65 x 63 x 78 cm  Sitting Height: 45 cm.

Manufacturer  Erik Joergensen 

Designer  Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen

Year  2003