Audio/visual solutions in an office space can be many things, most commonly though it refers to presentation and conferencing solutions. Anyone who has been presenting for stakeholders or been on an important conference call with a partner knows the feeling of uncertainty towards the technology equipped in the boardroom or meeting room.

We are all afraid that the computer won't connect or that the recipient of our call cannot hear us - this is what we are intending to change. Everyone should feel comfortable putting up a presentation on the big screen for everyone to see and everybody should be seen and heard in a conference call. It sounds very simple, and it is - it just requires that you do your due diligence when designing the solution. In addition to presentation and conferencing solutions you also have background music systems to evenly distribute music throughout the workplace. Another element is digital signage, which can allow you to either show the company history, it's accomplishments, it's clients or just a pleasant stream of beautiful high resolution pictures.